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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 2:26 - 2:26

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They may recover themselves (ananēpsōsin). First aorist active subjunctive of ananēphō, late and rare word, to be sober again, only here in N.T., though nēphō is in 1Th 5:6.

Out of the snare of the devil (ek tēs tou diabolou pagidos). They have been caught while mentally intoxicated in the devil’s snare (1Ti 3:7). See note on Rom 11:9 for pagis.

Taken captive (ezōgrēmenoi). Perfect passive participle of zōgreō, old verb, to take alive (zōos, agreō), in N.T. only here and Luk 5:10 (of Peter). “Taken captive alive.”

By him unto his will (hup' autou eis to ekeinou thelēma). This difficult phrase is understood variously. One way is to take both autou and ekeinou, to refer to the devil. Another way is to take both of them to refer to God. Another way is to take autou of the devil and ekeinou, of God. This is probably best, “taken captive by the devil” “that they may come back to soberness to do the will of God.” There are difficulties in either view.