Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 2:8 - 2:8

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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 2:8 - 2:8

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Risen from the dead (egēgermenon ek nekrōn). Perfect passive participle of egeirō, still risen as the perfect tense shows in 1Co 15:4, 1Co 15:12-20. Predicate accusative. “Remember Jesus Christ as risen from the dead.” This is the cardinal fact about Christ that proves his claim to be the Messiah, the Son of God. Christ is central for Paul here as in Phi 2:5-11.

Of the seed of David (ek spermatos Daueid). The humanity of Christ as in Rom 1:3; Phi 2:7.

According to my gospel (kata to euaggelion mou). Paul’s very phrase in Rom 2:16; Rom 16:25. Not a written gospel, but my message. See also 1Co 15:1; 2Co 11:7; Gal 1:11; Gal 2:2; 1Ti 1:11.