Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 2:9 - 2:9

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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 2:9 - 2:9

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Wherein (en hōi). In my gospel.

I suffer hardship (kakopathō). “I suffer evil.” Old compound (kakon, paschō), elsewhere in N.T., 2Ti 4:5; Jam 5:13.

Unto bonds (mechri desmōn). “Up to bonds.” A common experience with Paul (2Co 11:23; Phi 1:7, Phi 1:13, Phi 1:14; Col 4:18).

As a malefactor (hōs kakourgos), old compound (kakon, ergō, doer of evil), in N.T. only here and Luk 23:32. (of the robbers). One of the charges made against Paul.

Is not bound (ou dedetai). Perfect passive indicative of deō, to bind. Old verb. See note on 1Co 7:27, 1Co 7:39; Rom 7:2. I am bound with a chain, but no fetters are on the word of God (Pauline phrase; 1Th 2:13; 1Co 14:36; 2Co 2:17; Phi 1:14; Tit 2:5).