Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 3:11 - 3:11

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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 3:11 - 3:11

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What things befell me (hoia moi egeneto). Qualitative relative (hoia) referring to actual experiences of Paul (egeneto, second aorist middle indicative of ginomai) more fully described in 2Co 11:30-33. The Acts of the Apostles tell of his experiences in Antioch in Pisidia (Act 13:14, Act 13:45, Act 13:50), in Iconium (Act 14:1-5), in Lystra (Act 14:6-19). See also Gal 2:11.

What persecutions I endured (hoious diōgmous hupēnegka). Qualitative relative again with diōgmous. The verb is first aorist active indicative of hupopherō, old verb, to bear under as in 1Co 10:13.

Delivered me (me erusato). First aorist middle of ruomai, old verb, with ek here as in 1Th 1:10. Used again of the Lord Jesus in 2Ti 4:18.