Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 3:13 - 3:13

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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 3:13 - 3:13

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Impostors (goētes). Old word from wailers (goaō, to bewail), professional mourners, deceivers, jugglers. Here only in the N.T. Modern impostors know all the tricks of the trade.

Shall wax worse and worse (prokopsousin epi to cheiron). “Shall cut forward to the worse stage.” See note on 2Ti 2:16 for prokoptō. Cheiron is comparative of kakos, “to the worse than now.”

Deceiving and being deceived (planōntes kai planōmenoi). Present active and present passive participles of planaō. The tragedy of it all is that these seducers are able to deceive others as well as themselves.