Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 3:15 - 3:15

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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 3:15 - 3:15

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From a babe (apo brephous). Only here in the Pastorals. This teaching from the fifth year, covering the whole of Timothy’s recollections. See Mar 9:21 ek paidiothen, from a child.

Thou has known (oidas). Present active indicative, progressive perfect reaching from a babe till now. Would that Christian parents took like pains today.

The sacred writings (hiera grammata). “Sacred writings” or “Holy Scriptures.” Here alone in N.T., though in Josephus (Proem to Ant. 3; Apion 1, etc.) and in Philo. The adjective hieros occurs in 1Co 9:13 of the temple worship, and gramma in contrast to pneuma in 2Co 3:6.; Rom 2:29 and in Joh 5:47 of Moses’ writings, in Act 28:21 of an epistle, in Gal 6:11 of letters (characters). In Ephesus there were Ephesia grammata that were bebēla (Act 19:19), not hiera.

To make thee wise (se sophisai). First aorist active infinitive of sophizō, old verb (from sophos), in N.T. only here, and 2Pe 1:16.

Which is in (tēs en). Common idiom with the article, “the in.” The use of the Scriptures was not magic, but of value when used “through faith that is in Christ Jesus.”