Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 4:11 - 4:11

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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 4:11 - 4:11

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Only Luke is with me (Loukas estin monos met' emou). Luke is with Paul now in Rome as during the first Roman imprisonment (Phm 1:24; Col 4:14).

Take Mark (Markon analabōn). Second aorist active participle of analambanō, old verb, to pick up, as in Eph 6:13, Eph 6:16. “Pick up Mark.”

He is useful to me (estin moi euchrēstos). See note on 2Ti 2:21 for euchrēstos. Paul had long ago changed his opinion of Mark (Col 4:10) because Mark had changed his conduct and had made good in his ministry. Now Paul longs to have the man that he once scornfully rejected (Act 15:37.).