Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 4:7 - 4:7

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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 4:7 - 4:7

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I have fought the good fight (ton kalon agōna ēgōnismai). Perfect middle indicative of agōnizomai, a favourite figure with Paul (1Co 9:25; Col 1:29), with the cognate accusative agōna (Phi 1:27, Phi 1:30, etc.). The “fight” is the athletic contest of his struggle for Christ.

I have finished the course (ton dromon teteleka). Perfect active indicative of teleō. He had used this metaphor also of himself to the elders at Ephesus (Act 20:24). Then the “course” was ahead of him. Now it is behind him.

I have kept the faith (tēn pistin tetērēka). Perfect active indicative again of tēreō. Paul has not deserted. He has kept faith with Christ. For this phrase, see note on Rev 14:12. Deissmann (Light, etc., p. 309) gives inscriptions in Ephesus of a man who says: “I have kept faith” (tēn pistin etērēsa) and another of a man of whom it is said: “He fought three fights, and twice was crowned.”