Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:10 - 10:10

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:10 - 10:10

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Hungry (prospeinos) Only instance of the word known, a hapax legomenon. Probably “very hungry” (pros=besides, in addition).

Desired (ēthelen). Imperfect active. Was longing to eat. It was about twelve o’clock noon and Peter may even have smelt the savory dishes, “while they made ready” (paraskeuazontōn). “The natural and the supernatural border closely on one another, with no definable limits” (Furneaux).

He fell into a trance (egeneto ep' auton ekstasis). More exactly, “An ecstasy came upon him,” in which trance he passed out of himself (ekstasis, from existēmi) and from which one came to himself (Act 12:11). Cf. also Act 11:5; Act 22:17. It is thus different from a vision (horama) as in Act 10:3.