Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:17 - 10:17

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:17 - 10:17

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Was much perplexed in himself (en heautōi diēporei). Imperfect active of diaporeō, intensive compound (dia, thoroughly, and a privative and poros, way), to be completely at a loss to know what road to take. Old verb, but in N.T. only in Luke and Acts. Page notes that Luke is singularly fond of verbs compounded with dia. See note on Luk 9:7 and note on Act 2:12. When out of the ecstasy he was more puzzled than ever.

Might be (an eiē). Optative with an in indirect question simply retained from the direct (Robertson, Grammar, pp. 1021, 1044). See note on Act 17:18, for the direct and note on Luk 1:62 for the indirect (an theloi both times). It is the conclusion of a fourth class condition.

Having made inquiry (dierōtēsantes). First aorist active participle of dierōtaō, another compound of dia, to ask one after another, to ask through, old verb, but only here in the N.T. It took diligent inquiry to find the obscure house of Simon the tanner.

Stood before the gate (epestēsan epi ton pulōna). Second aorist active indicative of ephistēmi, intransitive. Note repetition of epi. The messengers stopped right at the folding gates of the passage (pulōna) which led from the street to the inner court or house.