Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:22 - 10:22

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:22 - 10:22

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Righteous (dikaios). In the Jewish sense as in Luk 1:6; Luk 2:25.

Well reported of (marturoumenos). Present passive participle as in Act 6:3. Cf. the other centurion in Luk 7:4.

Nation (ethnous). Not laou, for the speakers are Gentiles.

Was warned (echrēmatisthē). First aorist passive of chrēmatizō, old word for doing business, then consulting an oracle, and here of being divinely (word God not expressed) warned as in Mat 2:12, Mat 2:22; Luk 2:26; Heb 11:7. Then to be called or receive a name from one’s business as in Act 11:26; Rom 7:3.