Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:29 - 10:29

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:29 - 10:29

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Without gainsaying (anantirrhētōs). A privative with compound adverb from anti (back, in return, against) and verbal rhētos (from errhēthēn, to speak). Late and rare and here only in the N.T., but the adjective in Act 19:36. Without answering back. That is true after the Holy Spirit expressly told Peter to go with the messengers of Cornelius (Act 10:19-23). Peter’s objections were made to the Lord in the vision which he did not understand. But that vision prepared him for this great step which he had now taken. He had stepped over the line of Jewish custom.

With what intent (tini logōi). More exactly, “for what reason” as in Plato, Gorgias 512 C.