Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:42 - 10:42

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:42 - 10:42

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He charged (parēggeilen). First aorist active indicative as in Act 1:4. There Jesus is the subject and so probably here, though Page insists that ho theos (God) is here because of Act 10:40.

To testify (diamarturasthai). First aorist middle infinitive. See note on Act 2:40.

Ordained (hrisōmenos). Perfect passive participle of horizō, old verb, to mark out, to limit, to make a horizon.

Judge (kritēs). The same point made by Peter in 1Pe 4:5. He does not use the word “Messiah” to these Gentiles though he did say “anointed” (echrisen) in Act 10:38. Peter’s claim for Jesus is that he is the Judge of Jew and Gentile (living and dead).