Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:44 - 10:44

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 10:44 - 10:44

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While Peter yet spake (eti lalountos tou Petrou). Genitive absolute of present participle, still going on.

The Holy Ghost fell (epepesen to pneuma to hagion). Second aorist active indicative of epipiptō, old verb to fall upon, to recline, to come upon. Used of the Holy Spirit in Act 8:16; Act 10:44; Act 11:15. It appears that Peter was interrupted in his sermon by this remarkable event. The Jews had received the Holy Spirit (Act 2:4), the Samaritans (Act 8:17), and now Gentiles. But on this occasion it was before baptism, as was apparently true in Paul’s case (Act 9:17.). In Act 8:16; Act 19:5 the hands of the apostles were also placed after baptism on those who received the Holy Spirit. Here it was unexpected by Peter and by Cornelius and was indubitable proof of the conversion of these Gentiles who had accepted Peter’s message and had believed on Jesus Christ as Saviour.