Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 11:17 - 11:17

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 11:17 - 11:17

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The like gift (tēn isēn dōrean). The equal gift, equal in quality, rank, or measure. Common word.

When we believed (pisteusasin). First aorist active participle of pisteuō in the dative case. It agrees both with hēmin (unto us) and with autois (unto them), “having believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.” Both classes (Gentiles and Jews) trusted in Christ, and both received the Holy Spirit.

Who was I (egō tis ēmēn). Note order, “I, who was I.” “

That I could withstand God” (dunatos kōlūsai ton theon). Literally, “able to withstand or hinder God.” It is a rhetorical question, really two questions. Who was I ? Was I able to hinder God? Peter’s statement of the facts made an unanswerable defence. And yet Peter (Gal 2:11) will later in Antioch play the coward before emissaries from Jerusalem on this very point of eating with Gentile Christians.