Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 11:29 - 11:29

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 11:29 - 11:29

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Every man according to his ability (kathōs euporeito tis). Imperfect middle of euporeō, to be well off (from euporos), old verb, but here alone in the N.T., “as any one was well off.” The sentence is a bit tangled in the Greek from Luke’s rush of ideas. Literally, “Of the disciples, as any one was able (or well off), they determined (hōrisan, marked off the horizon) each of them to send relief (eis diakonian, for ministry) to the brethren who dwelt in Judaea.” The worst of the famine came a.d. 45. The warning by Agabus stirred the brethren in Antioch to send the collection on ahead.