Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 12:19 - 12:19

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 12:19 - 12:19

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He examined (anakrinas). First aorist active participle of anakrinō, old verb to sift up and down, to question thoroughly, in a forensic sense (Luk 23:14; Act 4:9; Act 12:19; Act 28:18).

That they should be put to death (apachthēnai). First aorist passive infinitive (indirect command) of apag, old verb to lead away, especially to execution as in Mat 27:31. Here it is used absolutely. This was the ordinary Roman routine and not a proof of special cruelty on the part of Herod Agrippa.

Tarried (dietriben). Imperfect active. Herod Agrippa made his home in Jerusalem, but he went to Caesarea to the public games in honour of Emperor Claudius.