Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 12:6 - 12:6

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 12:6 - 12:6

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Was about to bring him forth (ēmellen prosagagein or proagagein). The MSS. vary, but not anagagein of Act 12:4.

The same night (tēi nukti ekeinēi). Locative case, on that (very) night.

Was sleeping (ēn koimōmenos). Periphrastic middle imperfect.

Bound with two chains (dedemenos halusesin dusin). Perfect passive participle of deō, to bind, followed by instrumental case. One chain was fastened to each soldier (one on each side of Peter).

Kept (etēroun). Imperfect active, were keeping. Two guards outside before the door and two inside, according to Roman rule. Did Peter recall the prophecy of Jesus that he should be put to death in his old age (Joh 21:18)? Jesus had not said, as Furneaux does, that he would die by crucifixion.