Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 12:8 - 12:8

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 12:8 - 12:8

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Gird thyself (zōsai). Direct middle first aorist (ingressive) imperative (Robertson, Grammar, pp. 806f.) from zōnnumi (zōnnuō). Old verb, but in the N.T. only here and Joh 21:18 (twice to Peter) where the active voice and the reflexive pronoun occur in the first example. The girdle was worn round the chitōn or undergarment.

Bind on (hupodēsai). Indirect middle (by yourself or for yourself) first aorist imperative of hupodeō, to bind under, old verb, only three times in the N.T. (Mar 6:9; Act 12:8; Eph 6:15 (middle)).

Sandals (sandalia). Persian word common from Herodotus on, a sole made of wood or leather covering the bottom of the foot and bound on with thongs. In the N.T. only here and Mar 6:9. In the lxx used indiscriminately with hupodēma.

Cast about thee (peribalou). Second aorist middle (indirect) imperative of periballō, old and common verb to throw around, especially clothing around the body as here. The himation (outer garment) was put over the chitōn. It was not a hurried flight.

Follow me (akolouthei moi). Present (linear) active imperative, keep on following me (associative instrumental case).