Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 13:3 - 13:3

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 13:3 - 13:3

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When they had fasted (nēsteusantes). Either finishing the same fast in Act 13:2or another one (Hackett), but clearly a voluntary fast.

Laid their hands upon them (epithentes tas cheiras autois). Second aorist active participle of epitithēmi. Not ordination to the ministry, but a solemn consecration to the great missionary task to which the Holy Spirit had called them. Whether the whole church took part in this ceremony is not clear, though in Act 15:40 “the brethren” did commend Paul and Silas. Perhaps some of them here acted for the whole church, all of whom approved the enterprise. But Paul makes it plain in Phi 4:15 that the church in Antioch did not make financial contribution to the campaign, but only goodwill. But that was more than the church at Jerusalem would have done as a whole since Peter had been arraigned there for his activities in Caesarea (Acts 11:1-18). Clearly Barnabas and Saul had to finance the tour themselves. It was Philippi that first gave money to Paul’s campaigns. There were still heathen enough in Antioch, but the church approved the going of Barnabas and Saul, their very best.