Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 13:7 - 13:7

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 13:7 - 13:7

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With the proconsul Sergius Paulus (sun tōi anthupatōi Sergiōi Paulōi). Luke used to be sharply criticized for applying this term to Sergius Paulus on the ground that Cyprus was a province under the appointment of the emperor with the title of propraetor and not under the control of the senate with the title of proconsul. That was true b.c. 30, but five years later it was changed to proconsul by Augustus and put under the control of the Senate. Two inscriptions have been found with the date a.d. 51 and 52 with the names of proconsuls of Cyprus and one is in the Cesnola Collection, an inscription found at Soli with the name of Paulus as Proconsul, undoubtedly this very man, though no date occurs.

A man of understanding (andri sunetōi). All the more amazing that he should be a victim of Barjesus. He had given up idolatry at any rate and was eager to hear Barnabas and Saul.