Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 14:10 - 14:10

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 14:10 - 14:10

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Upright (orthos). Predicate adjective. In this sense Galen and Hippocrates frequently use orthos (erect, straight). Paul spoke in a loud (megalēi) voice so that all could hear and know.

He leaped up and walked (hēlato kai periepatei). Rather, He leaped up with a single bound and began to walk. The second aorist middle indicative (with first aorist vowel a) of hallomai (late verb, in papyri) and inchoative imperfect active of peripateō, common verb to walk around. This graphic picture is concealed by the usual English rendering. It is possible that Luke obtained the vivid report of this incident from Timothy who may have witnessed it and who was probably converted during Paul’s stay here (Act 16:3). His father was a prominent Greek and his mother Eunice, possibly a widow, may have lived here with her mother Lois (2Ti 1:5).