Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 14:14 - 14:14

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 14:14 - 14:14

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Having heard (akousantes). Such elaborate preparation “with the multitudes” (sun tois ochlois) spread rumours and some who spoke Greek told Paul and Barnabas. It is possible that the priest of Jupiter may have sent a formal request that the visiting “gods” might come out to the statue by the temple gates to make it a grand occasion. They rent their garments (diarrēxantes). First aorist active participle from diarrēgnumi, old verb to rend in two. Like the high priest in Mat 26:65 as if an act of sacrilege was about to be committed. It was strange conduct for the supposed gods!

Sprang forth (exepēdēsan). First aorist (ingressive) active indicative of ekpēdaō (note ek), old verb, here only in the N.T. It was all a sign of grief and horror with loud outcries (krazontes).