Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 14:20 - 14:20

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 14:20 - 14:20

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Stood round about him (kuklōsantōn auton). Genitive absolute with first aorist active participle of kukloō, old verb from kuklos (circle, cycle) to make a circle round, to encircle. The would-be murderers left and a group of disciples gathered round to see if Paul was dead or alive and, if dead, to bury him. In that group Timothy may very well have been along with Eunice and Barnabas. Timothy, a lad of about fifteen, would not soon forget that solemn scene (2Ti 3:11). But Paul suddenly (apparently a miraculous recovery) rose up (anastas) and entered the city to the surprise and joy of the disciples who were willing to brave persecution with Paul.

With Barnabas (sun tōi Barnabāi). With the assistance of Barnabas. It was plainly unwise to continue in Lystra so that they set out on the next day (tēi epaurion, ten times in Acts), shaken and bruised as Paul was. Derbe was some forty miles distant, near the pass to the Cilician Gates.