Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 14:24 - 14:24

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 14:24 - 14:24

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When they had spoken the word in Perga (lalēsantes en Pergēi ton logon). Now they stopped and preached in Perga which they had apparently not done before (See note on Act 13:13.). After leaving Antioch they passed on through Pisidia, as if Antioch was not strictly in Pisidia (see note on Act 13:14) and into Pamphylia. They crossed from Perga to Attaleia, the port of Perga, sixteen miles down the Cestus, and capital of Pamphylia, to find a ship for Antioch in Syria. It is now called Adala and for long was the chief harbour of the south coast of Asia Minor. We do not know why they did not revisit Cyprus, perhaps because no permanent Gentile churches were founded there.