Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 14:6 - 14:6

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 14:6 - 14:6

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They became aware of it (sunidontes). Second aorist (ingressive) active participle of sunoraō (suneidon), old word to see together, to become conscious of as already in Act 12:12. In the N.T. only by Luke and Paul.

Fled (katephugon). Second aorist (effective) active indicative of katapheugō, old verb, but in the N.T. only here and Heb 6:18. Paul and Barnabas had no idea of remaining to be stoned (lynched) by this mob. It is a wise preacher who always knows when to stand his ground and when to leave for the glory of God. Paul and Barnabas were following the directions of the Lord Jesus given to the twelve on their special tour of Galilee (Mat 10:23). Lystra and Derbe, cities of Lycaonia (still part of the Province of Galatia, though in another Regio), not far from the base of the Black Mountain. Professor Sterrett has apparently identified Lystra by an inscription about six hours (18 miles) south-southwest from Iconium near the village Khatyn Serai and Derbe probably near the village Losta or Zosta though its location is really not known. Lystra had been made a colony in b.c. 6 and Derbe was the frontier city of the Roman empire in the southeast. These are the only cities mentioned, but they were of importance and show that Paul kept to his plan of going to centres of influence. The new imperial road from Antioch and Iconium reached these cities.

The region round about (tēn perichōron) was “a high table land, ill-watered, bleak, but suited for sheep pasture” (Page).