Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 15:36 - 15:36

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 15:36 - 15:36

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Let us return now and visit the brethren (epistrepsantes de episkepsōmetha tous adelphous). Paul takes the initiative as the leader, all the more so if the rebuke to Peter and Barnabas in Gal 2:11-21 had already taken place. Paul is anxious, like a true missionary, to go back to the fields where he has planted the gospel. He uses the hortatory subjunctive (episkepsōmetha) for the proposal (See note on Act 15:14 for this verb). Note the repeated epi (epi̇strepsantes and episkepsōmetha). There is special point in the use of dē (shortened form of ēdē), now at this juncture of affairs (cf. Act 13:2).

How they fare (pōs echousin). Indirect question, “how they have it.” The precariousness of the life of new converts in pagan lands is shown in all of Paul’s Epistles (Furneaux). So he wanted to go city by city (kata polin pāsan).