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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 16:1 - 16:1

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And he came also to Derbe and Lystra (katēntēsen de kai eis Derbēn kai eis Lustran). First aorist active of katantaō, late verb to come down to, to arrive at. He struck Derbe first of the places in the first tour which was the last city reached then.

Timothy (Timotheos). Apparently a native of Lystra (“there,” ekei), his Hebrew mother named Eunice and grandmother Lois (2Ti 1:5) and his Greek father’s name not known. He may have been a proselyte, but not necessarily so as Timothy was taught the Scriptures by his mother and grandmother (2Ti 3:15), and, if a proselyte, he would have had Timothy circumcised. It is idle to ask if Paul came on purpose to get Timothy to take Mark’s place. Probably Timothy was about eighteen years of age, a convert of Paul’s former visit a few years before (1Ti 1:2) and still young twelve years later (1Ti 4:12). Paul loved him devotedly (1Ti 1:3; 1Ti 5:23; 2Ti 3:15; Phi 2:19.). It is a glorious discovery to find a real young preacher for Christ’s work.