Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 16:10 - 16:10

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 16:10 - 16:10

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We sought (ezētēsamen). This sudden use of the plural, dropped in Act 17:1 when Paul leaves Philippi, and resumed in Act 20:5 when Paul rejoins Luke in Philippi, argues conclusively that Luke, the author, is in the party (“we” portions of Acts) and shows in a writer of such literary skill as Luke that he is not copying a document in a blundering sort of way. Paul told his vision to the party and they were all ready to respond to the call.

Concluding (sunbibazontes). A very striking word, present active participle of sunbibazō, old verb to make go together, to coalesce or knit together, to make this and that agree and so to conclude. Already in Act 9:22 of Paul’s preaching. This word here gives a good illustration of the proper use of the reason in connection with revelation, to decide whether it is a revelation from God, to find out what it means for us, and to see that we obey the revelation when understood. God had called them to preach to the Macedonians. They had to go.