Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 16:11 - 16:11

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 16:11 - 16:11

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Setting sail (anachthentes). Same word in Act 13:13 which see.

We made a straight course (euthudromēsamen). First aorist active indicative of compound verb euthudromeō (in Philo) from adjective euthudromos (in Strabo), running a straight course (euthus, dromos). In the N.T. only here and Act 21:1. It is a nautical term for sailing before the wind. Luke has a true feeling for the sea.

To Samothrace (eis Samothrāikēn). A small island in the Aegean about halfway between Troas and Neapolis.

The day following (tēi epiousēi). Locative case of time with hēmerāi (day) to be supplied (Act 7:26; Act 20:15; Act 21:18; Act 23:11). With adverse winds it took five days to make the run of 125 miles (Act 20:6).

To Neapolis (eis Nean Polin). To New Town (Newton, Naples, Neapolis). The port of Philippi ten miles distant, Thracian, but reckoned as Macedonian after Vespasian.