Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 16:4 - 16:4

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 16:4 - 16:4

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They delivered them (paredidosan autois). Imperfect active, kept on delivering to them in city after city. This is a proof of Paul’s loyalty to the Jerusalem compact (Knowling). The circumcision of Timothy would indicate also that the points involved were under discussion and that Paul felt no inconsistency in what he did.

The decrees (ta dogmata). Old word from dokeō, to give an opinion. It is used of public decrees of rulers (Luk 2:1; Act 17:7), of the requirements of the Mosaic law (Col 2:14), and here of the regulations or conclusions of the Jerusalem Conference. Silas was with Paul and his presence gave added dignity to the passing out of the decrees, a charter of Gentile freedom, since he was one of the committee from Jerusalem to Antioch (Act 15:22, Act 15:27, Act 15:32).

Which had been ordained (ta kekrimena). Perfect passive articular participle of krinō, to judge, emphasizing the permanence of the conclusions reached by the apostles and elders in Jerusalem.

For to keep (phulassein). This present active infinitive likewise accents that it is a charter of liberty for continual living, not a temporary compromise.