Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 16:40 - 16:40

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 16:40 - 16:40

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Into the house of Lydia (pros tēn Ludian). No word in the Greek for “house,” but it means the house of Lydia. Note “the brethren” here, not merely Luke and Timothy, but other brethren now converted besides those in the house of the jailor. The four missionaries were guests of Lydia (Act 16:15) and probably the church now met in her home.

They departed (exēlthan). Paul and Silas, but not Luke and Timothy. Note “they” here, not “we.” Note also the ̇an ending instead of ̇on as above. The movements of Timothy are not perfectly clear till he reappears at Beroea (Act 17:15). It seems unlikely that he came to Thessalonica with Paul and Silas since only Paul and Silas obtained security there (Act 17:9) and were sent on to Beroea (Act 17:10). Probably Timothy was sent to Thessalonica from Philippi with gifts of which Paul spoke later (Phi 4:15.). Then he followed Paul and Silas to Beroea.