Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 18:14 - 18:14

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 18:14 - 18:14

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When Paul was about to open his mouth (mellontos tou Paulou anoigein to stoma). Genitive absolute again. Before Paul could speak, Gallio cut in and ended the whole matter. According to their own statement Paul needed no defence.

Wrong (adikēma). Injuria. Old word, a wrong done one. In N.T. only here, Act 24:20; Rev 18:5. Here it may mean a legal wrong to the state.

Wicked villainy (rhāidiourgēma). A crime, act of a criminal, from rhāidiourgos (rhāidios, easy, ergon, work), one who does a thing with ease, adroitly, a “slick citizen.”

Reason would that I should bear with you (kata logon an aneschomēn humōn). Literally, “according to reason I should have put up with you (or held myself back from you).” This condition is the second class (determined as unfulfilled) and means that the Jews had no case against Paul in a Roman court. The verb in the conclusion (aneschomēn) is second aorist middle indicative and means with the ablative humōn “I should have held myself back (direct middle) from you (ablative). The use of an makes the form of the condition plain.