Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 18:19 - 18:19

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 18:19 - 18:19

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Came (katēntēsan). Came down, as usual in speaking of coming to land (Act 16:1).

To Ephesus (eis Epheson). This great city on the Cayster, the capital of the Province of Asia, the home of the worship of Diana (Artemis) with a wonderful temple, Paul at last had reached, though forbidden to come on the way out on this tour (Act 16:6). Here Paul will spend three years after his return from Jerusalem.

He left them there (kakeinous katelipen autou). That is, Priscilla and Aquila he left (second aorist active indicative) here (autou). But Luke mentions the departure by way of anticipation before he actually went away (Act 18:21).

But he himself (autos de). Paul again the leading person in the narrative. On this occasion he may have gone alone into the synagogue.

He reasoned (dielexato). Luke’s favourite word for Paul’s synagogue discourses (Act 17:2, Act 17:17; Act 18:4 which see) as also Act 19:8, Act 19:9.