Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 18:22 - 18:22

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 18:22 - 18:22

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He went up and saluted the church (anabas kai aspasamenos tēn ekklēsian). The language could refer to the church in Caesarea where Paul had just landed, except for several things. The going up (anabas, second aorist active participle of anabainō) is the common way of speaking of going to Jerusalem which was up from every direction save from Hebron. It was the capital of Palestine as people in England today speaking of going up to London. Besides “he went down to Antioch” (katebē eis Antiocheian, second aorist active indicative of katabainō) which language suits better leaving Jerusalem than Caesarea. Moreover, there was no special reason for this trip to Caesarea, but to Jerusalem it was different. Here Paul saluted the church in the fourth of his five visits after his conversion (Act 9:26; Act 11:30; Act 15:4; Act 18:22; Act 21:17). The apostles may or may not have been in the city, but Paul had friends in Jerusalem now. Apparently he did not tarry long, but returned to Antioch to make a report of his second mission tour as he had done at the close of the first when he and Barnabas came back (Act 14:26-28). He had started on this tour with Silas and had picked up Timothy and Luke, but came back alone. He had a great story to tell.