Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 18:26 - 18:26

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 18:26 - 18:26

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They took him unto them (proselabonto). Second aorist middle (indirect) indicative of proslambanō, old verb, to their home and heart as companion (cf. the rabbis and the ruffians in Act 17:5). Probably for dinner after service.

Expounded (exethento). Second aorist (effective) middle indicative of ektithēmi seen already in Act 11:4, to set forth.

More carefully (akribesteron). Comparative adverb of akribōs. More accurately than he already knew. Instead of abusing the young and brilliant preacher for his ignorance they (particularly Priscilla) gave him the fuller story of the life and work of Jesus and of the apostolic period to fill up the gaps in his knowledge. It is a needed and delicate task, this thing of teaching gifted young ministers. They do not learn it all in schools. More of it comes from contact with men and women rich in grace and in the knowledge of God’s ways. He was not rebaptized, but only received fuller information.