Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 18:8 - 18:8

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 18:8 - 18:8

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Crispus (Krispos). Though a Jew and ruler of the synagogue (cf. Act 13:15), he had a Latin name. Paul baptized him (1Co 1:14) himself, perhaps because of his prominence, apparently letting Silas and Timothy baptize most of the converts (1Co 1:14-17). Probably he followed Paul to the house of Titus Justus. It looked like ruin for the synagogue.

With all his house (sun holōi tōi oikōi autou). Another household conversion, for Crispus “believed (episteusen) in the Lord with all his house.”

Hearing believed and were baptized (akouontes episteuon kai ebaptizonto). Present active participle and imperfect indicatives active and passive, expressing repetition for the “many” others who kept coming to the Lord in Corinth. It was a continual revival after Silas and Timothy came and a great church was gathered here during the nearly two years that Paul laboured in Corinth (possibly a.d. 51 and 52).