Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 19:18 - 19:18

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 19:18 - 19:18

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Came (ērchonto). Imperfect middle, kept coming, one after another. Even some of the believers were secretly under the spell of these false spiritualists just as some Christians today cherish private contacts with so-called occult powers through mediums, seances, of which they are ashamed.

Confessing (exomologoumenoi). It was time to make a clean breast of it all, to turn on the light, to unbosom their secret habits.

Declaring their deeds (anaggellontes tas praxeis autōn). Judgment was beginning at the house of God. The dupes (professing believers, alas) of these jugglers or exorcists now had their eyes opened when they saw the utter defeat of the tricksters who had tried to use the name of Jesus without his power. The boomerang was tremendous. The black arts were now laid bare in their real character. Gentile converts had a struggle to shake off their corrupt environment.