Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 2:14 - 2:14

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 2:14 - 2:14

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Standing up with the eleven (statheis sun tois hendeka). Took his stand with the eleven including Matthias, who also rose up with them, and spoke as their spokesman, a formal and impressive beginning. The Codex Bezae has “ten apostles.” Luke is fond of this pictorial use of statheis (first aorist passive participle of histēmi) as seen nowhere else in the N.T. (Luk 18:11, Luk 18:40; Luk 19:8; Act 5:20; Act 17:22; Act 27:21).

Lifted up his voice (epēren tēn phōnēn autou). This phrase only in Luke in the N.T. (Luk 11:29; Act 2:14; Act 14:11; Act 22:22), but is common in the old writers. First aorist active indicative of epairō. The large crowd and the confusion of tongues demanded loud speaking. “This most solemn, earnest, yet sober speech” (Bengel). Codex Bezae adds “first” after “voice.” Peter did it to win and hold attention.

Give ear unto my words (enōtisasthe ta rhēmata mou). Late verb in lxx and only here in the N.T. First aorist middle from enōtizomai (en, ous, ear) to give ear to, receive into the ear. People’s ears differ greatly, but in public speech they have to be reached through the ear. That puts an obligation on the speaker and also on the auditors who should sit where they can hear with the ears which they have, an obligation often overlooked.