Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 2:25 - 2:25

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 2:25 - 2:25

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Concerning him (eis auton). Peter interprets Psa 16:8-11 as written by David and with reference to the Messiah. There is but one speaker in this Psalm and both Peter here and Paul in Act 13:36 make it the Messiah. David is giving his own experience which is typical of the Messiah (Knowling).

I beheld (proorōmēn). Imperfect middle without augment of prooraō, common verb, but only twice in the N.T., to see beforehand (Act 21:29) or to see right before one as here. This idea of prȯ is made plainer by “before my face” (enōpion mou).

On my right hand (ek dexin mou). The Lord Jehovah like a defender or advocate stands at David’s right hand as in trials in court (Psa 109:31).

That (hina) here is almost result.

Moved (saleuthō). First aorist passive subjunctive of saleuō, to shake like an earthquake.