Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 2:46 - 2:46

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 2:46 - 2:46

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With one accord in the temple (homothumadon en tōi hierōi). See note on Act 1:14 for homothumadon. They were still worshipping in the temple for no breach had yet come between Christians and Jews. Daily they were here and daily breaking bread at home (kat' oikon) which looks like the regular meal.

They did take their food (metelambanon trophēs). Imperfect tense again and clearly referring to the regular meals at home. Does it refer also to the possible agapai or to the Lord’s Supper afterwards as they had common meals “from house to house” (kat' oikon)? We know there were local churches in the homes where they had “worship rooms,” the church in the house. At any rate it was “with singleness” (aphelotēti) of heart. The word occurs only here in the N.T., though a late Koiné[28928]š word (papyri). It comes from aphelēs, free from rock (phelleus is stony ground), smooth. The old form was apheleia.