Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 2:47 - 2:47

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 2:47 - 2:47

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Having favor (echontes charin). Cf. Luk 2:52 of the Boy Jesus.

Added (prosetithei). Imperfect active, kept on adding. If the Lord only always “added” those who join our churches. Note Act 2:41where same verb is used of the 3,000.

To them (epi to auto). Literally, “together.” Why not leave it so? “To the church” (tēi ekklēsiāi) is not genuine. Codex Bezae has “in the church.”

Those that were being saved (tous sōzomenous). Present passive participle. Probably for repetition like the imperfect prosetithei. Better translate it “those saved from time to time.” It was a continuous revival, day by day. Sōzō like sōtēria is used for “save” in three senses (beginning, process, conclusion), but here repetition is clearly the point of the present tense.