Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 22:9 - 22:9

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 22:9 - 22:9

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But they heard not the voice (tēn de phōnēn ouk ēkousan). The accusative here may be used rather than the genitive as in Act 22:7to indicate that those with Paul did not understand what they heard (Act 9:7) just as they beheld the light (Act 22:9), but did not see Jesus (Act 9:7). The difference in cases allows this distinction, though it is not always observed as just noticed about Act 22:14; Act 26:14. The verb akouō is used in the sense of understand (Mar 4:33; 1Co 14:2). It is one of the evidences of the genuineness of this report of Paul’s speech that Luke did not try to smooth out apparent discrepancies in details between the words of Paul and his own record already in ch. 9. The Textus Receptus adds in this verse: “And they became afraid” (kai emphoboi egenonto). Clearly not genuine.