Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 23:14 - 23:14

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 23:14 - 23:14

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Came to the chief priests and the elders (proselthontes tois archiereusin kai tois presbuterois). The Sanhedrin, just as Judas did (Luk 22:4).

With a great curse (anathemati). This use of the same word as the verb repeated in the instrumental case is in imitation of the Hebrew absolute infinitive and common in the lxx, the very idiom and words of Deu 13:15; Deu 20:17, an example of translation Greek, though found in other languages (Robertson, Grammar, p. 531). See note on Luk 21:5 for the distinction between anathema and anathēma. Jesus had foretold: “Whoso killeth you will think that he doeth God service” (Joh 16:2).