Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 23:15 - 23:15

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 23:15 - 23:15

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Ye (humeis). Emphatic.

Signify (emphanisate). First aorist active imperative of emphanizō. Make plain from emphanēs, chiefly in Acts. Repeated in Act 23:22. The authority is with the chiliarch not with the Sanhedrin, but he had appealed to the Sanhedrin for advice.

As though ye would judge of his case more exactly (hōs mellontas diaginōskein akribesteron ta peri autou). Hōs with the participle gives the alleged reason as here. So also in Act 23:20. Diagnoskō, old verb to distinguish accurately, only here in N.T. and Act 24:22.

Or ever come near (pro tou eggisai auton). “Before the coming near as to him.” Pro and the genitive of the articular infinitive of eggizō with accusative of general reference.

We are ready to slay him (hetoimoi esōmen tou anelein auton). Genitive of purpose of the articular infinitive after the adjective hetoimoi (Robertson, Grammar, p. 1061). Anelein, second aorist active of anaireō.