Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 23:19 - 23:19

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 23:19 - 23:19

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Took him by the hand (epilabomenos tēs cheiros autou). Kindly touch in Lysias, ut fiduciam adolescentis confirmaret (Bengel). Note genitive with the second aorist middle (indirect, to himself) of epilambanō as in Luk 8:54 with kratēsas which see. How old the young man (neanias) was we do not know, but it is the very word used of Paul in Act 7:58 when he helped in the killing of Stephen, a young man in the twenties probably. See also Act 20:9 of Eutychus. He is termed neaniskos in Act 23:22.

Asked him privately (kat' idian epunthaneto). Imperfect middle, began to ask (inchoative).