Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 23:23 - 23:23

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 23:23 - 23:23

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Two (tinas duo). “Some two” as in Luk 7:19, indicating (Page) that they were not specially chosen.

Soldiers (stratiōtas), horsemen (hippeis), spearmen (dexiolabous). The three varieties of troops in a Roman army like the cohort of Lysias (Page). The stratiōtai were the heavy-armed legionaries, the hippeis belonged to every legion, the dexiolaboi were light-armed supplementary troops who carried a lance in the right hand (dexios, right, lambanō, to take). Vulgate, lancearios. At the third hour of the night (apo tritēs hōras tēs nuktos). About nine in the evening.