Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:10 - 24:10

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:10 - 24:10

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When the governor had beckoned to him (neusantos autōi tou hēgemonos). Genitive absolute again with first aorist active participle of neuō, to give a nod, old word, in N.T. only here and Joh 13:24. “The governor nodding to him.”

Forasmuch as I know (epistamenos). Knowing, from epistamai.

That thou hast been of many years a judge (ek pollōn etōn onta se kritēn). The participle in indirect assertion after epistamenos (Robertson, Grammar, p. 1041). Paul goes as far as he can in the way of a compliment. For seven years Felix has been governor, onta being a sort of progressive present participle with ek pollōn etōn (Robertson, Grammar, p. 892).

Cheerfully (euthumōs). Old adverb from euthumos (eu and thumos, good spirit), here only in N.T.

Make my defence (apologoumai). Old and regular word for this idea as in Luk 21:14 which see.