Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:11 - 24:11

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:11 - 24:11

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Seeing that thou canst take knowledge (dunamenou sou epignōnai). Genitive absolute again. The same word and form (epignōnai) used by Tertullus, if in Greek, in Act 24:8to Felix. Paul takes it up and repeats it.

Not more than twelve days (ou pleious hēmerai dōdeka). Here ē (than) is absent without change of case to the ablative as usually happens. But this idiom is found in the Koiné[28928]š (Robertson, Grammar, p. 666).

Since (aph' hēs). Supply hēmeras, “from which day.”

To worship (proskunēsōn). One of the few examples of the future participle of purpose so common in the old Attic.