Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:18 - 24:18

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Robertson Word Pictures - Acts 24:18 - 24:18

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Amidst which (en hail). That is, “in which offerings” (in presenting which offerings, Act 21:27).

They found me (my accusers here present, heuron me), purified in the temple (hēgnismenon en tōi hierōi). Perfect passive participle of hagnizō (same verb in Act 21:24, Act 21:26) state of completion of the Jewish sacrifices which had gone on for seven days (Act 21:27), the very opposite of the charges made.

With no crowd (ou meta ochlou). “Not with a crowd” till the Asiatic Jews gathered one (Act 21:27).

Nor yet with tumult (oude meta thorubou). They made the tumult (Act 27:30), not Paul. Till they made the stir, all was quiet.